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Gavdos News

News, important announcements and interesting facts about Gavdos.

15.06.2024 Major water shortage on Gavdos: Island administration calls for water saving!

The heatwave did not stop at Gavdos either. At times, the thermometer rose to well over 40 degrees. As the island is not connected to the water network of the neighboring Cretan island, it has to concentrate on its own supply. Groundwater is tapped via wells, cisterns and boreholes. Rainwater can be collected and treated during the winter months. However, last winter was characterized by severe drought. While large amounts of rain fall on Crete over the winter months, especially in the mountains, Gavdos was largely spared the wet blessing. Too often, the rain bands get caught in the Lefka Ori on Crete and do not reach Gavdos. The result can currently be seen when looking at the island's water reserves. Consumption is currently far too high to look forward to the season in July and August with optimism. All visitors to the island are urged to reduce their own water consumption to a minimum. Further water wastage could lead to interruptions and water supply cuts on the island.

10.06.2024 The third Gavdos Sports Festival on June 23: Registration and schedule!

Sweat will soon be pouring on Gavdos! On June 23, the third sports festival will take place on the southernmost island in Europe. The highlight of the event will be the 8km run, which will literally run over hill and dale. The "Flame of Hope" will be lit on Friday, June 21, with a torch relay from Karave to the stone theater in Sarakiniko. On Saturday, June 22nd between 18:30 and 20:30 registrations for participation can be made. The registration point will be at the lighthouse. Shortly before the start of the event, further registrations can be made between 16:30 to 17:30 at the stone theater in Sarakiniko.

Further dates for the event:

June 23, 17:30: Event starts at the stone theater in Sarakiniko.

18:00: Start of the 8km run

20:15: After the last runner crosses the finish line, the children's run takes place

20:30: Presentation of medals and awards to the participants

The event will end with a big celebration!

26.05.2024 Every day a boat to Gavdos in summer!

The new timetables of Anendyk have been published and now provide information for the ferry service to Gavdos until the end of September. During this period, a crossing to Gavdos can be made on a total of 6 days a week. During June, a crossing to Gavdos is even possible on all 7 days of the week - weather permitting. The entire timetable can be viewed on my website under the following link. Have a good trip to Gavdos!

13.05.2024 There is now a taxi service on Gavdos

Typical methods of getting around Gavdos included renting a car, hitchhiking, walking or taking the bus. From now on you can also order a taxi on the island. The taxi is on the island during the summer months until late summer. It is a minivan that can also take larger groups of people. The driver is a local who lives in Kastri. The service can be booked by calling: +306977858943. Further information can be found on the taxi company's website:

29.04.2024 Easter and the "big week" on Gavdos

Orthodox Easter is the biggest religious festival in Greece. This festival is heralded by the "holy week". All pupils in the country are off school and the festival is largely dedicated to the family. On Gavdos, too, you can tell that this week and the time around Orthodox Easter is something very special. Easter on Gavdos means that for the first time in the year a large number of people are on the island. The ferry is usually full, especially before the Easter weekend. Local families who have their roots on Gavdos return to their island. But this week is also usually the start of the season for the tavernas and guesthouses. You can see how the island is gradually waking up. The highlight of the Orthodox Easter celebrations is Easter Sunday. Many families come together to enjoy a traditional meal of lamb. In Gavdos, too, the barbecue is in full swing.

18.04.2024 Third sports festival weekend will take place on June 23, 2024.

Today, the island administration announced that the sports festival will be held on the island again this year. The last two events of this kind have already been very popular and proved to be a great success. With the joint cooperation of many helpers and participants, as well as the ferry company Anendyk, a large number of athletes will be able to compete against each other at the southernmost point of Europe. Running competitions are held over 8 kilometers and over one kilometer. The competition route leads over roads, country lanes and narrow, difficult-to-walk paths. A real challenge for anyone who wants to compete!

07.04.2024 Leave nothing but footprints! Volunteers collect bags of garbage

As every winter and spring, volunteers on the island come together to collect garbage and waste from the previous year. This year, kilos of garbage were collected between Agios Ioannis and Lavrakas alone. Many helpers sacrificed time and effort to transport the garbage away from the beach by boat with the help of locals. Unfortunately, this campaign also shows that far too much garbage is left behind in the dunes and on the beach every year. Bags, cans, crockery, sanitary items and entire tents are left behind by visitors to the island. Everyone who visits this island is responsible for preserving the beauty of this wonderful place, this gift of nature! All visitors who come to Gavdos have a responsibility. In paradise they say: Leave nothing but footprints!

20.03.2024 Kedros Gavdos closes: "The 4 Brothers" opens rooms for rent on the beach of Sarakiniko

Events, drinks and dancing in the sand. Kedros was one of the most active and popular places for people looking for company on Gavdos. Especially in the summer months, electronic beats were often played there late into the night. From this year onwards, Sarakiniko beach will be much quieter as Kedros will no longer open its doors. A great disappointment for some visitors, a blessing for others. The owners of the building in which the Kedros was located are redesigning the premises and will be offering rooms directly on Sarakiniko beach from this summer. This means that the family-run tavern "The 4 Brothers" will now also offer rooms right next to the tavern. The rooms offer a direct view of the sea and you fall asleep to the sound of the sea. The rooms cannot be booked via an online platform, but only directly on site or via the following telephone number: +30 20823042181

12.03.2024 Anendyk remains the only ferry company this year, with the destination Gavdos

Last year, the news that the company "Gavdos Cruises" would not be sailing to Gavdos over the summer came as a surprise. Gavdos Cruises offered a fast one-hour crossing service from Chora Sfakio to Gavdos. With the small ferry boat "Christa" you could reach the southernmost island of Europe very quickly. The company will not be offering any trips this year either, meaning that Anendyk will be the only company sailing to the island of Gavdos this year. Current timetables, schedules and information can be found via the following link:

09.03.2024 Number of refugees reaching Gavdos and Crete rises sharply

Several refugee boats have reached Europe's southernmost island in recent weeks. Several of them were boats with more than 100 people on board. Due to the lack of infrastructure, this poses a major problem for Gavdos. The boats are increasingly coming from Egypt and are actively heading for Gavdos and Crete. Last year (2023), just over 600 people reached Crete and Gavdos. This year, that number has already been reached.

01.02.2024 New Ferry Timetable

A new schedule for the Anendyk ferry to Gavdos has been published. The winter timetable is valid until 31 March. The timetable for the pre-season from 1 April to 31 May has also been published. From Crete there are now again 6 connections per week to the island of Gavdos. Three times from Paleochora and three times from Chora Sfakion.

30.12.2023 New Ferry Timetable

A new schedule for the Anendyk ferry to Gavdos has been published. There is currently only one connection per week to Chora Sfakion.

Sunday, 24.12.2023: The Gavdos Bird Observatory starts its work and is looking for volunteers

The Gavdos Bird Observatory is starting on Gavdos and is looking for volunteers. The ornithological research group is studying bird migration on the island of Gavdos using the process of bird ringing. Birds on Gavdos are marked with small rings in order to observe and analyze their behavior over a longer period of time. Gavdos is a very important stopover for birds traveling between the European and African continents. Beyond the coast of Libya, Gavdos represents the first piece of land after a long journey. Birds use the island as a stopover to take in fluids and food.

The Gavdos Bird Observatory organization is looking for volunteers to take part in the ringing process. There will be lessons on all steps of the process. All participants will receive free accommodation and meals.


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