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Buses and bus timetables on Gavdos 2024

Bus timetables, departure times, routes, prices and all important information about bus travel on Gavdos!

Bus auf Gavdos
Der KTEL Bus auf Gavdos

Two bus companies operate on Gavdos during the summer months. Usually "Gavdos Tours" and "KTEL" run at the same times in quick succession. All villages are served. There are no differences in price. You can find all the important information about bus travel on Gavdos in this blog article!

#1 Bus timetables and departure times on Gavdos

#2 Bus routes on Gavdos

#3 Prices and payment

#4 General information and tips on bus travel on Gavdos


#1 Bus timetables and departure times on Gavdos

There are currently no bus timetables published and no buses are running yet!

As soon as specific departure times are available, the times and schedules will be published here! The first trips will be offered from mid-May. However, at this time only the harbor "Karave" will be served as soon as a boat arrives. A bus starts in Agios Ioannis and drives via Sarakiniko to the harbor. After the boat arrives, passengers can be driven to Sarakiniko or Agios Ioannis.

From mid-June to September, the summer timetable applies and the bus companies "KTEL" and "Gavdos Tours" travel daily to various destinations on the island. These include Karave, Sarakiniko, Agios Ioannis, Kastri, Ambelos, Vatsiana, Korfos and Pharos (lighthouse). Buses run most frequently during the summer months of July and August.

From September until around the end of October, the buses only go to the port when a boat arrives.

#2: Bus routes on Gavdos

In the low season, buses only run the route between Karave (harbor) - Sarakiniko and Agios Ioannis. During the summer months, all villages on the island are served daily. The exact routes are indicated on the timetable. At first glance, the timetable seems a little confusing, as very few times are listed. Only the departure time at the starting point of the respective journey is indicated. A small example: The bus starts at 8:15 in Sarakiniko and then heads for Agios Ioannis, Korfos, Kastri and Ambelos before arriving back in Sarakiniko. The arrival times of the intermediate destinations are not indicated on the plan. Here you need to develop a gut feeling. So if the bus leaves Sarakiniko at 8:15 am, it will arrive in Agios Ioannis about 10 minutes later. You therefore need to develop a feeling in order to predict the exact arrival times. To help you, you will find the estimated journey times between the individual towns in the following table.

  • Sarakiniko - Agios Ioannis: 10 minutes

  • Agios Ioannis - Korfos: 15 minutes

  • Agios Ioannis - Karave: 10 minutes

  • Agios Ioannis - Kastri: 15 minutes

  • Korfos - Kastri: 10 minutes

  • Kastri - Vatsiana: 8 minutes

  • Vatsiana - Ambelos (Pharos): 10 minutes

Bus auf Gavdos
Gavdos Tours

#3 Prices and payment

Payment is made directly in the vehicle when boarding. Only cash payment is accepted. Card payment is not possible. On Gavdos, you will always be very grateful for small change. Depending on the length of your trip, the tour costs between 1 and 2 euros. Online tickets are not available.

#4 General information and tips for bus travel on Gavdos

Two bus companies operate during the summer. "Gavdos Tours", a private bus company run by two brothers who live on the island, and "KTEL", the large bus company on Crete. The buses usually run directly behind each other. This is particularly necessary in the summer months, as many people use the service. Basically, however, the companies do not differ in terms of price and service. All bus drivers are very nice and always have a smile on their faces. Make sure you arrive at the respective departure point with a bit of a time buffer, as a missed connection on Gavdos can cost you a lot of time. When the bus drivers arrive in the villages, they make themselves known by honking their horns and park the bus in the village center. After a short wait, they usually honk a second time before continuing their journey. If you are standing somewhere on the side of the road and a bus passes you, you should make yourself noticed if you would like a lift. The bus drivers will stop and collect you. If you want to get off the bus at a specific point during the journey, you can simply let the driver know. Everything is very flexible and spontaneous on Gavdos.

Have fun exploring the southernmost island in Europe :)


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