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Ten high-quality and special motifs of the island of Gavdos in classic photo size 10x15cm in high gloss. Each of my motifs of the island of Gavdos tells its own little story. The motifs show different parts and places of the island in all 4 seasons. Views of the island that are otherwise not available to buy. Ideal and multifunctional as photos on the wall, on the fridge, in a small frame on the desk or as a gift. For all those who have a particular longing for the island.
The following motifs are included in the set:
1. "Stillstand": Lavrakas at sunset in late summer
2. "Night Blues": Wooden boat in Kastri at night in winter
3. "Winter Sun": Sunset in the cedar forest of Ag. Ioannis in winter
4. "Silent Trees": Bizarre growth forms of the cedar forest in Agios Ioannis
5. "Blessed": Sunset at the church of Agios Ioannis with a view to Lavrakas in summer
6. "Southern Enlightement": Evening atmosphere at the "Pharos" lighthouse
7. "The Crown": Lonely tree in Sarakiniko, with the snow-covered Lefka Ori of Crete in the background
8. "Europe's Happy End": The imposing cliff of Tripiti at the southernmost point of Europe
9. "Goats": Goat on Gavdos
10. "The place in the sand": Aerial view of Sarakiniko beach, with Crete in the background


Gavdos Photo Set x10

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