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Gavdos Guide Book: the world's most comprehensive and profound travel guide about Gavdos.

Start your journey to the end of Europe! In the world's most comprehensive and profound travel guide about Gavdos, you will find everything you need to know about the mysterious island at the southernmost point of Europe: beaches, towns, tavernas, accommodation, hikes, activities, secrets and much more. Filled with lots of insider information and background knowledge. Facts you won't find anywhere else. Written by someone who lived on the island for a long time and spent many months researching to make this book a reality. This is a project from the heart. Independently and freely produced. For everyone who loves this wonderful place. Written for you!


What can you expect from the book?

Gavdos has become an absolute longing place for me. I have been visiting the island for many years, lived there for many months and was allowed to get to know the island life and its peculiarities very well. Since I spent a lot of time on the southernmost point of Europe, I was able to incorporate extensive knowledge, my own experiences and a lot of insider information into the book - information that you won't find on the internet. The research for the book took months. I interviewed locals, restaurants and accommodation, made phone and video calls and walked to every corner of the island to gather as much and detailed information as possible. The Gavdos travel guide will not present you empty facts and phrases, but information with depth and heart - paired with many great photographic impressions. I want to give you a personal, authentic and honest approach to the beautiful island in the southern Mediterranean.

Where to get the Gavdos travel guide?

The book is available in printed form from Amazon. It is available in both German and English.

To the english version:

To the german version:

The book will also be available on Gavdos and Paleochora, Crete.

Why did I write this book?

Already during my first visit to Gavdos I fell in love with the island. No place in this world has fascinated me as much as Gavdos. The nature, the atmosphere, the peace, the freedom, the people. Everything together drives me back to the island again and again. When I first wanted to travel to the island, it was very difficult to find useful information. Very little and sometimes contradictory information could be found on the Internet. Is there anything to eat at all? Where can I find water? Where is the best place to camp? Are there taverns or restaurants? Is it also possible to sleep in an accommodation? During the last years the idea came up to write down my knowledge about the island clearly and concisely. Because there isn't anything like that yet. With this book I would like to make all the people who carry this island in their hearts happy. And all those who go to Gavdos for the first time, a little help to explore this wonderful place with joy and respect.

Why did I publish the book on Amazon?

Some asked me why I published the book on Amazon. There are various reasons for this. It is very important to me that the book project remains in my hands and that I can decide exactly what happens to the book. Amazon offers unknown authors the opportunity to publish a printed book without a publisher. Without a publisher I am free and 100% independent. But without a publisher also means that the entire process of writing, publishing, designing and proofreading has to be financed by me alone and takes place without help. Publishing a print book rather than an e-book is a lot more challenging. Amazon offers the great advantage that a book is sold "on demand". So it will only be printed if it is ordered. So I don't have to print a certain number of books in advance and then hope that they will be sold. In addition, the site takes care of all the logistics, which is a great advantage for me, since I am currently mostly in Gavdos or Crete and therefore could not pack any books and take them to the post office. By the way, the book is not advertised on Amazon. I deliberately declined this opportunity. The book can only be found if you actively enter "Gavdos" in the search bar. The book is clearly aimed at people who already know the island or have heard of Gavdos before, not to popularize the island!

Feedback about the book

I received many kind and loving messages and feedback about the book. More than I would have expected. Many people who have traveled to Gavdos frequently enjoyed the book and are grateful that they now have a small piece of Gavdos on their shelves. Locals on the island have already received the book and were very happy that someone was publishing a book about this special place. The following is an example of a review on Amazon.

What's the best gift you got this past year? For me, it’s “Gavdos: Journey to the southernmost point of Europe; everything you need to know about the island,” by David Neumeyer. I've grown increasingly “Gavdos curious" — since first spotting Gavdos from Café Almyrida, in Paleochora, on Crete’s south western coast. I asked plenty of questions and searched the internet, but still had plenty of unanswered questions. Would I have to bring food and water? Would I get stuck there for a few days while the boats weren't running? Could I find a good café or taverna? David, who shares his love of Gavdos in this wonderful little book, answers all of this and more in161 pages — of the English language paperback version. German print and kindle versions are also available. Each chapter concludes with an "in a nutshell" summary for those of us who appreciate TL; DR. David is an accomplished photographer, who shares inspirational seascapes, goat scapes and architectural photography throughout the book. About Gavdos (chapter 1) emphasizes the responsibility for all travelers to respect and actively protect Gavdos’ natural resources. He also reports "fun facts," what the island is like during the various times of the year, and a basic introduction to landscape, flora and fauna. This sets a respectful, appreciative tone for the book. Chapter 2 covers transportation, to and fro, and around the island. Chapter 3 covers where to stay, including camping, and rentals. Chapter 4 describes the main settlements and villages. Chapter 5 provides a description of the many wonderful beaches. Chapter 6 covers shopping and mini markets. Chapter 7 reviews cafés and tavernas. Chapter 8 highlights island activities. It includes detailed information about hikes, natural and man-made attractions and the people of Gavdos. Chapter 9 is about transportation on the island. Chapter 10 summarizes useful tips and gives the 411 on important things — driving, security, cell, phone charging, internet, medical care, ATMs, toilets, showers, water, and trash disposal. I really enjoyed David's friendly and welcoming style. He's been a frequent visitor to Gavdos. and I feel incouraged to follow in his footsteps. At this point I have one unanswered question: what about bicycles on Gavdos? I give this book 5 stars out of 5. It was respectful, friendly, engaging and to the point. David answered my most pressing questions, yet somehow I remain more curious than ever.

From LSBF, 16th January 2023


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