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Camping on Gavdos - The best spots for wild camping

Gavdos is a wild camping mecca. You can find the best spots and general information about camping on Gavdos in this guide!

Camping auf Gavdos
Zelt auf Gavdos

For many travelers, the small island south of Crete is a wild camping mecca. When you enter the island you will quickly notice the tents on the beach. And that is exactly what makes this island so attractive. Officially, sleeping in the open air is not allowed in Greece. However, in many places - including Gavdos - it is tolerated. The island administration has come to terms with the wild campers and a good infrastructure has been created. But the important thing is: Everyone who comes to Gavdos has a responsibility! The nature of the island is unique and must be preserved in its innocence and beauty! So let's all ensure that the island's nature is protected and respected. This includes, among other things, the issue of garbage!


#1: Overview of the best camping spots on Gavdos

The beaches of Sarakiniko and Agios Ioannis are best for sleeping in a tent on Gavdos. It's not without reason that you find most of the tents here. Both beaches combine many advantages: the sand is perfect for sleeping and there are many trees that provide shade. In July and August, however, the search for a suitable place to sleep will take a little longer, as many good places are already occupied. But you will find something. Both beaches have a good infrastructure for shopping, stopping at a restaurant or carrying out other urgent errands. Toilets and showers are available. Both beaches can be easily reached from the harbor by bus. If you prefer to be all alone and experience even more of the feeling of "Robinson Crusoe", the beach at Lavrakas or Korfos is more suitable. However, both beaches are very remote and the facilities are poor. Even more remote is perhaps the most beautiful beach on the island of “Potamos”. The beaches will be described in more detail in the next articles.

#2: wild camping in Sarakiniko

Besides Agios Ioannis, Sarakiniko is the best place for wild camping on Gavdos. It is the busiest place on the island during the summer months. Numerous taverns and small cafes line up on the beautiful crescent beach in Sarakiniko Bay. As a wild camper, life is easiest in Sarakiniko. An extensive selection of shopping and dining options, as well as toilets and showers, are available. You can find the perfect sleeping places between the trees right on the beach or in the beautiful forest groups towards the interior of the island.

#3: wild camping in Agios Ioannis or Lavrakas

Agios Ioannis is about 30 minutes walk from Sarakiniko. You can potentially find even nicer places to stay there. Many groups of trees provide protection from direct sun. If you're lucky, you'll find a spot with your own (private) bay right on the water. However, this has the disadvantage that the distance to the supermarket or the sanitary facilities is significantly longer. The selection of taverns is also smaller in Agios Ioannis. There are shopping and dining options at the large parking lot that leads to Agios Ioannis. You can also find showers and toilets there. However, you have to walk at least 10 minutes to the tent - but potentially more, depending on the location of the tent. If you're looking for complete seclusion, you can also walk to Lavrakas. To get there, walk along the coast from Agios Ioannis towards the northern end of the island. In Lavrakas there is an almost endless selection of great places to stay, even in peak season. It may happen that you have large parts of the beach to yourself. However, there is a simple reason why hardly anyone pitches their tent there. The path to Lavrakas is long, strenuous and difficult to walk. In order to be able to camp there for a few days, you would have to carry water bottles and, if necessary, additional food there. This would be too difficult for many visitors. It is worth mentioning that there are two wells in Lavrakas.

Starry sky and tent in Gavdos
Perfect starry sky

#4: Other camping sites on Gavdos, like Potamos, Tripiti or Korfos

Something similar to Lavrakas also applies to the beach of Potamos. The distance to the nearest supermarket or other facilities is even greater there. This beach is less suitable as a long-term place to sleep. But you can easily spend a night there, so you don't have to carry too much food with you. Definitely a unique experience! The same applies to Tripiti beach at the southernmost point of Europe. The hike there is long. You should plan at least 1.5 hours. But if you take a small tent, a hammock or just a thin sleeping bag with you, you can also spend a night there and watch a wonderful sunrise at the southernmost tip of the island. The water on the beach is crystal clear and the starry sky in front of the impressive rock formation of “Tripiti” is spectacular. Korfos should also be mentioned as an alternative. The beautiful beach on the east side is much quieter than in Sarakiniko or Agios Ioannis. People like to treat the beach as an “insider tip”. You can find many places to stay overnight, especially between the many trees that are located directly behind the beach. Although there are two small taverns with apartments, you won't find a mini market. Although you can buy water there, for other food you will have to go to Sarakiniko or Agios Ioannis.

#5: More accomodation and apartments on Gavdos

If you come to Gavdos, you don't necessarily have to sleep in the sand, in a hammock or in a tent. You can also opt for a more “civilized” accommodation option. Accordingly, there is a clear selection of nicer and simpler accommodations on Gavdos. Most of them are small apartments run by local families. You can find more information on the corresponding blog article or in my book.


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