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Gavdos - Journey to the southernmost point of Europe: TRAVEL GUIDE. Everything you need to know about the island. Fully revised and updated for 2024!


Completely in English.


Start your journey to the end of Europe! In the world's most comprehensive and profound travel guide about Gavdos, you will find everything you need to know about the mysterious island at the southernmost point of Europe: beaches, towns, tavernas, accommodation, hikes, activities, secrets and much more. Filled with lots of insider information and background knowledge. Facts you won't find anywhere else. Written by someone who lived on the island for a long time and spent many months researching to make this book a reality. This is a project from the heart. Independently and freely produced. For everyone who loves this wonderful place. Written for you!

Gavdos has become an absolute longing place for me. I have been visiting the island for many years, lived there for many months and was allowed to get to know the island life and its peculiarities very well. The Gavdos travel guide will not present you empty facts and phrases, but information with depth and heart - paired with many great photographic impressions. I want to give you a personal, authentic and honest approach to the beautiful island in the southern Mediterranean.

Get to know the island authentically
Get background and insider information you won't find on the internet, so you'll be optimally prepared for your trip to Gavdos.

Villages and beaches
Get a detailed overview of the beaches and settlements of the island and their characteristics.

Tours, activities and highlights
Get tour suggestions, learn about hiking routes and get inspired by the different highlights of the island.

Restaurants and accommodations
Find out which accommodations and restaurants are worth a visit.

Photographic impressions
Get a glimpse of the island's beauty through a variety of high quality captured subjects and landscape photography.

Be prepared
Get information on how to get to and from the island, how to get there in different ways, and what obstacles might be waiting for you.

Everything you need to know
Learn everything you need to know for a vacation on Gavdos - from car rental and bus schedules to garbage disposal.

Learn background stories about life on Gavdos
Get to know the locals and how life on the island works

Overview map of the island
Keep track of everything you need to know on the island with a customized island map on the spine of the book.

Start now your journey to the mysterious island of Gavdos. I wish you a lot of fun!

The small Greek island of Gavdos, just 30 km² in size, has only 100 permanent inhabitants and is the last European outpost - 200 kilometers off the coast of Libya and just 35 kilometers from the island of Crete. A trip to Gavdos is adventurous, unique and beautiful. There are no big hotels and no mass tourism, but small family-run pensions, traditional taverns and a lot of untouched nature. The beaches are among the most beautiful in Europe. In addition: Everywhere the tent can be pitched. A paradise for wild campers! If you are looking for real peace and seclusion, you will find it on Gavdos. Life on the island is authentic, traditional and often reminiscent of times long past. Gavdos can't be compared to anything else.

Gavdos Guide Book 2024

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