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About me

Who is running this page?

Hello my friend. My name is David. Early in life I was infected with the fascination of Greece. First I dug in the sand as a small child, then I put on the backpack to explore the islands myself. No place fascinates me more than the islands of Crete and Gavdos. Since traveling to Gavdos for the first time in 2018, I've been drawn to the island regularly. I spent many months in the place that has also become a little bit of home for me. On this page I share my fascination for this island and capture special moments of this special island in photographs and blog articles. I wish you a lot of fun discovering the island for yourself.



The first blog that exists about the island of Gavdos. Get to know exciting places of the island and get inspired.

Photography and Shop

Photography is my great passion. This website offers the opportunity to show some of the wonderful places of the island. In my online store you can have products of Gavdos photography delivered to your home.

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